Just do it

I have to write an essay.

That is what fills my mind right now.

It is a challenge, my challenge. And I feel motivated do deal with something like this.

‘What is the essay about?’, you would ask!

Well, it is about an object, but not an ordinary one, an object belonging to such a wide context, that choosing what to say about it drives you crazy.

I feel like the object I have chosen will not astonish anyone but me. That is because nowadays it is pretty hard to astonish someone, must of all through an object. Be that everyone is got used to everything; be that nothing has got a real pure value anymore. There are things,though, that big or small they are, are still able to transmit something.

That happened to me, definitely. And I am really proud to have chosen a radio, born in 1947 by Kolster-Brandes Ltd.

What will I write about? I do NOT know!

The point is that there is a lot to say about a radio, its origins, its history, its function, its ordinary meaning.

I am going to research about it, for sure the most exciting part, because of that place I would never leave, I would never cheat, that gives me inspiration and concentration: the library.

Thanks to the big archives made of books, magazines, films and so on, my university is provided, I consider all these sources of knowledge as vital for my intellectual survival.   The library is the best place where to find yourself and I really think I will start from my object deepest meaning: radios are made to be listened to.





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