What do you expect from a theme park?

Dismaland in Calais refugee’s shelter

Having fun and being amused from all the friendly attractions that made you feel so astonished when you were a kid, is something that soon disappears as you grow up.

This unreal imaginary world, once you are no longer small and naïve, reminds you on that scary, but so close to reality, clown from the horror miniseries It (1990).

This represents the sad truth. People grow up, believes change and the world changes; it gets bigger and the bigger it is, the more uncomfortable it gets.

People begin putting all those things, that once made you feel alive, in a small corner of the dusty drawer of their memories.

Myths fall down just like dreams, and soon you start acting as the scariest supervillain of all times: an adult.

This age range that seems so far and unattainable, comes knocking at your door as a thief that kindly asks you to give him all your most cherished possessions.

As unnoticed as a thief, the British street artist Banksy brought to a seaside town in Somerset five weeks of honor and glory, by realizing the nightmarish theme park that every kid would hate, because too close to reality that even closing your eyes couldn’t allow you to escape from it.

This temporary project, that seems to be the sinister version of Disneyland, opened last August until September 27, 2015, involving more than fifty artists, all invited by the Bristolian mystery man.

The attraction brought ‘more than 150,000 paying visitors and about £20 millions to the town of Weston-super-Mare’, as stated in Mail Online (2015). Something unbelievable for the citizens and workers of the area, who did not get used to all those visitors and the money they spent to eat, drink and sleep, just to see the ‘bemusement park’, full of mysterious constructions as a lousy looking Disney- provided with a castle, a terrifying carousel and many bizarre sculptures inspired by Disney characters.



Dismal and Castl The five week attraction was also revived by live concerts and exhibitions; one of those was the one of the Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot, a mixture of provocation and protest that saw the band performing in a cage while fighting against policemen.


It is not a coincidence  that Banksy’s works are inspired by social, political and popular domain events. An example is his controversial tribute to Princess Diana, the



Cinderella pumpkin crash sculpture reminding on the princess’s death.

Cinderella pumpkin crush sculpture.

The piece of work represents a death blonde princess spilling out of her crushing carriage and flooded by the swarm of paparazzi shooting the tragic event.

As weird as the park is its duration, not expected and misunderstood, most of all because the attraction brought lots of fortune to the English town of Weston-super-Mare, where Banksy used to holiday as a child.

So the question is: Why only five weeks?

There are not fitting answers about its dismantlement, but reasonable motives addressed to Calais (France), that see the unusual attraction as a shelter for refugees from Syria, Libya and Eritrea, a gesture that for sure easily answers to the previous question.

Calais refugees’ shelter.

The world goes on with its its trends, its news, its catastrophes, and its rhythm that, as a tambourine, echoes along the branches of that centuries-old tree called life, dented but still up in spite of the wind. For a reason, the wind has rushed from Weston-upon-Mare to Calais, but there is no doubt that all the world has been cherished by its bemused stroke.






Welcome to Dismaland: A First Look at Banksy’s New Art Exhibition Housed Inside a Dystopian Theme Park [Updated 8/22]






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