Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival

The Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival is an energizing programme of events based on workshops, demonstrations and debates that feature top emerging illustrators and designers.


It involves the themes of community within the graphic arts, and it is settled in Somerset house, an amazing and friendly environment in which spectators can easily interact with the well exposed artworks and relax within the café area.

The exhibition is well designed and aimed to guide the observer through a magic journey made of experimental fonts, various forms of communication and amazing pieces of graphic design, both innovative and characterized by a stimulating gaze towards the past.


It introduces many young artists graduated in the last three years, whose projects illustrate their working process and techniques.

It is very stimulating for all the young artists of London and the UK, knowing that many artists involved in the exhibition come from universities and backgrounds that sounds really familiar and accessible as University of the Arts, London.

An example of an artist that comes from the UAL background, is Jack Sachs, that  seriously injured his drawing hand before his final year at Camberwell College of Arts, which led him to use 3D animation software.

In spite of his accident, he managed to combine the two sides of his practice to create what is exhibited today.

For the Pick Me Up Graphic Arts Festival he created Ya Body, an installation that reflects his interest in the human form, related to his injury. With his inspiring spirit he altered pieces of human body in a friendly, up to date way that portrays each part of the body with its own function and strength.

‘Ya Body’ by Jack Sachs

Furthermore, really interesting is the way all signs along the exhibition interact as part of it, like they were proper artworks.

Pick Me Up Graphics Arts Festival sign

All the pieces of work exposed are very different from each other, as different are the materials employed, often unusual to inexpert spectators. Among the wide range of techniques and materials we can find the use of black enamel and mirrored ink, used for Lune Black, 2016, or the lenticular print employed by Julian Glander for his ‘floams’ sculptures.

Moreover, walking towards the exhibition is available the Limited Edition Print for the 50th Anniversary of the British Road Sign.

50 Anniversary British Road Sign Limited Edition Print


Get involved in this magic journey and let your mind be immersed in this unique experience, and do not miss the interesting workshops and stick your customized adhesive on the wall.

Sticker Wall


Other images from Pick Me Up Graphics Arts Festival

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Pick Me Up. (2016). Pick Me Up: Graphic Arts Festival 2016. [online] Available at: http://pickmeup.somersethouse.org.uk/2016/alan-kitching [Accessed 28 Apr. 2016].


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