The Plight of the Drudgers

In a future city on a future planet of a future world, the inhabitants, identified as Drudgers, live in a state of powerlessness and hopelessness because controlled by a strict authoritarian government, to which people refer as the Piper.

The Piper is composed of an undefined number of people that survived to a most recent apocalypse, which released a toxic gas, called Atom, that filled the survivors’ brains with the certainty that work is for the Drudgers, who are forced to work in the brick factory or the clay pit, which is a scarce material, fundamental for the manutention of the wall.

The drudgers are separated to the Piper by a gigantic wall that divides the city into two parts. The wall, identified as Ummagumma is also used as a panopticon to control the citizens’ behaviors. Before the summer rebellion, that saw 300 drudgers rebelling against the government by trying to blow the wall up, no one ever challenged the Piper before. After the insurrection, those 300 people were sent to the bricklayer factory and made into bricks to cover the damages caused by the explosion.

This episode split the Drudgers into two. A bigger part of the society felt vulnerable and kept on living with even more terror and dejection. There was a small number of people, though, that saw the summer rebellion as an act of hope that could lead to a permanent redemption. This small group was mainly constituted by secret scientists that spent their lives analysing the anatomy of the wall but never properly determining its week points.

After the summer rebellion, though, everything changed. The scientists began to detect some Drudges’ components in Ummagumma. This condition was due to some human particles released by the rebels converted into bricks. After years of studies, the scientists found out a way to control the wall through those particles. This moment symbolises the beginning of a new era, the defeat of the Piper, the collapse of a wall that shaded the corruption of a much darker world.



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